Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Girl That Was But Not The Same

I did not know any of the girls at Extravaganza that prances well except for Annette but she was already booked so I was quite in a fix as to four stepping the evening. However I was quite comfortable to just chill and listen to the other guests belting the favorite numbers at the open lounge. Wendy too did not help as she dance very little and not into the intricacies of peculiar dance steps in accordance to specific genres, let alone the dancers that was able to prance any particular wiggles. The Mummy arrived to inquire if anything she could help, and I was further befuddled as she looked near as much Mummy Dierdre that I thought she was Dierdre's daughter. I asked her but she politely answered no and mentioned also that she was often mistaken to be such. I laughed and commented that she could be a young Dierdre but lovelier. She blushed a bit but I can see the utmost sincerity in her reaction. There was a certain innocence in her disposition or her entire persona making her the enchanting woman she was or revealing the elusive beauty that but lurked behind her magical fullness as a person and of the gentler sex. Or in other words she was extremely lovely and if only I could be twenty years younger and vibrant as such. Alas I am what I am and at an age that can only enjoy nostalgia. And what I did exactly when conversing with her following the chance meeting, I lavished her with nostalgia of wonderful times and stories from which, however, always going back to the present in order to suit her time and age because she was not one of those eras but concurrent and ongoing. Besides,I did not flirt her sudden and brash like but complimented her all the more as a liberated and self dependent person. There was no dangdut in her, more so, she viewed her vocation as just work and she could not but loved it because it pays. Hohohohoho! or that's what she said. However she was nice and lovely to chit chat with and must say I quite enjoyed her company. Maybe I could go ask her out but said I will come back to Extravaganza to wiggle and to seduce her. She laughed and answered most welcome. I did not even get her name let alone her number. It is difficult to feel the art and the philosophy if one only sees the occupation and not the entirety! It was only a job to her! Oh the dangdut girls are gone and never coming back!   .   

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